Welcome to my website! My name is Pritibha and I’m glad you made your way to my website.

I am abundantly curious and act on my motivations to learn and self-actualise. I weave compassion and technology to accelerate humanity’s evolution because I believe compassion and technology will enable humanity to overcome challenges.

At the intersection of Business, Statistics and Psychology, I also lead meditations to help associates cultivate self-awareness and compassion and to help associates tap into their entelechy. Additionally, I weave my trauma-informed embodiment facilitator and transformational coach, facilitator and leadership experience to help associates transform.

I continue to explore my motivations to learn with my Doctoral study at ETH Zurich (started July 2022). As we move further into a world where we meet the patient in their own home, the Decentralised Clinical Trial design continues to receive significant research attention. My research will evaluate whether Decentralised Clinical Trials are more sustainable than the traditional Clinical Trial.